Facility & Equipment

Conditioning Equipment
Prowlers, sleds, hurdles, farmer carry handles, bikes, rowers, medicine balls & sand bags up to 300lbs, and more...
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Strength Training Equipment
Legend Monolift, 800KG+ in Calibrated Kilo Plates, ROGUE Combo Rack, 7 Power Bars, 4 Elite FTS Yoke Bars, 2 Elite FTS SSBs, 3 Football Bars, Westside Freak Bar, Bands, Chains, and More...
Rack Space
Rack space to fit up to 20+ individuals at a time, fit with pull up bars, band pegs, and pairs of J-Cups on either side. A great set up for team training and peak hours at the gym.
Power Bars & Specialty Bars
7 45lb Power Bars, Texas Squat Bar, Texas Deadlift Bar, 2 Olympic Weightlifting Bars, 3 Football Bars, 2 Safety Squat Bars, 4 Elite FTS Yoke Bars, 3 Axel Bars, 1 Elite FTS Spider Bar, Westside Freak Bar, and More...
Machines & Accessory Equipment
Reverse Hypers, GHRs, Inverse Curl, Row Machines, LeverEdge Press, LeverEdge Split Squat/Row, DynaBody Power Press, DynaBody Hack Squat, DynaBody Shoulder Press, Leg Press, Belt Squats, Cable Machines, Pec Decks, Leg Curl/Extension, and More...
ROGUE Combo Rack
Adjustable ROGUE Powerlifting Competition Rack and Bench Press with Safety Arms and Band Pegs.