Individualized Training

Goal focused, physical preparation for athletes. Our training staff is knowledgeable and experienced in many different methodologies and will design a complete protocol to help you excel at your given sport. Each client receives a free initial consultation during which the assigned trainer evaluates the client based on a variety of factors including: sport(s) played, physical demands, fitness goals, training background, history of injury, etc. A program is then designed by our team specifically for that client in order to help him/her achieve the goals that they’ve identified. We then work with you to schedule sessions at a time that is convenient for you.


Group & Team Training

Let our team train your team! At ASP we are equipped to handle your entire team’s pre/off-season strength and conditioning regime. Our certified performance coaches will work with you to prepare everyone for the physical demands of a long and arduous season. We combine elements of strength, speed, agility, and injury prevention training to give your athletes the edge they need. You handle the X’s and O’s and leave the rest to us. Watch as your team comes together and forms a bond that will not be broken!

Post Rehab & Return to Sport Training

In sports, as well as in life, accidents happen. When an injury occurs it can be devastating to an athlete, both physically and mentally. Once surgery and rehabilitation have been completed, what’s the next step? As anyone who has gone through it will tell you: “cleared to play” is not the same as “ready to play.” At ASP we have the knowledge and experience needed to get you back on the field or court. Our expert trainers will take you through a program which will not only build your strength, but your confidence as well. Come back fitter, stronger, faster, and more resistant to injury.


Open membership

With our Open Membership, members are granted 24/7 key card access to the gym. Come in and train on your time. All equipment in the main gym is available to you! While this membership option does not include individualized programming, our coaches are still available to you as resources to answer any questions you may have about training.