Frequently Asked Question

Maybe a better question is “What is the cost of NOT training at ASP?” Due to the highly competitive nature of youth sports, substandard preparation for your athletic endeavors can leave you a step behind or even sitting on the bench. Most of the best athletes at all levels are engaging in some type of structured strength and conditioning program. Don’t leave yours to chance. To find out which type of training works best for you, Contact Us

The biggest limiter of starting age for the training at ASP is a young athlete’s ability to focus and work hard for an entire session. The physical demands of the training are not dissimilar to those of their given sport and due to the controlled nature of the training, it actually carries a much lower risk of injury than that of regular sport participation. The antiquated ideas of weight training being “bad” for children are quickly be left by the wayside and, in fact, strength training for children is now recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American College of Sports Medicine, and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (3 major professional organizations with relevant scopes of practice). The latest research is actually showing that children who engage in some type of Integrated Neuromuscular Training (like what we do here) have a greater chance of athletic success as they age into their teens and twenties.

Supervised strength and conditioning programs have been shown to have much lower rates of injury for both children and adults. If you have a specific question regarding the safety of any part of our training, please Contact Us

Physical therapy is a service provided to injured athletes by physical therapists to help them recover from their injury. Our training may have some similarities to the things done in physical therapy although our goals are fairly different. At ASP, we are focused on making you the best athlete you can be (performance) and to reduce your risk of injury (injury prevention). If we are working with an injured athlete, we will initially include the goal of recovery from their injury as a first priority while also aiming to improve their performance and prevent injuries.

Yes, although having parents present is often a distraction from the training. We do have a seating area for parents but suggest that they don’t attend the sessions once they are comfortable leaving their young athlete.

We will make every effort to answer all your questions regarding the training. At certain times, we may be too busy to talk for an extended amount of time following your child’s training session. In this event, we can schedule a time to communicate via phone or email later that day or can meet in person at your child’s next appointment.

Yes! We train both individuals and teams at ASP. We are happy to setup a meeting with teams, coaches, parents or anyone who is interested in training with us. If you are a coach interested in having your team train at ASP, we would be happy to speak at your parents meeting to inform everyone of what their children are going to be doing and give them a chance to ask questions.

Depending on your specific situation, results will certainly vary. Some may experience results in as few as several training sessions while others may need more time before receiving any quantifiable results. This question can be answered in more detail in your initial meeting.

Insurance may cover some of your costs depending on your specific situation. If this is something that you think you qualify for, please discuss in your initial meeting and we can help you to determine if there is a way to receive reimbursement through insurance.

Appointments should be rescheduled/cancelled within 12 hours or the full amount will be charged.

You can wear whatever is comfortable for you to train in as long as it won’t be distracting to you or the other athletes.

There is a training consent and liability waiver form that must be completed before we can begin training.

Appointments can be scheduled in whatever way works best for you. We typically schedule from week to week when you are in for your current appointment but you can schedule via phone, email, and through our website.

If your child is injured while participating in their sport and you are a subscriber to our Sports Injury Advocacy program, please call the hotline number you were given during the initial meeting. We will respond to your call ASAP to get you started on the path back to health.

We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.

The specific time commitment to training will vary from athlete to athlete depending on whether they are in their competitive season or the off season. We can design a training program to complement your current sport participation in a way that maximizes your training time.

Yes. We can work with your current medical staff to help determine the correct path to a full return to sport. If you have questions regarding how we do this, please set up a meeting to discuss the details

The professionals at ASP are very willing to collaborate with any other medical staff to ensure that each athlete is on the correct path to optimal performance. We have an extensive background in sports medicine and have collaborated with many of the major sports medicine and orthopedic practices in Cincinnati.

Age is not a limiter for our training. If young athletes are participating in sports, they are physically ready for this type of training. The biggest limiter is their ability to focus and work hard for an entire training session. If you are unsure about your child’s readiness for training, please contact us and we can help you make the decision.