Our Happy Customers Speaks for Academy Sports Performance

During my 7 years of training with Jensen Brent, I have seen my strength, conditioning and overall ability to perform as a soccer player, rise exponentially. I started out my training with him as an injury-prone and somewhat fragile 13-year-old looking for a way to improve my strength and better equip myself to compete at a high level in soccer. His training is one of the main reasons that I was able to do that in high school. I developed a confidence in myself that came from knowing that I could push my body to do things I might have ruled out before, and this all started in sessions training with Jensen. He led me through workouts and conditioning that were extremely soccer-specific and I always knew that the movements and lifts we did would transfer into me being a better player when I was on the field. As I looked toward continuing my soccer career in college, I was confident that I would be able to prepare my body to be able to perform at that level because of my time training with Jensen.

As my career continued on into college, I took with me that confidence and credit much of my preparedness for the strict fitness and strength requirements at the collegiate level to Jensen. I also feel a general familiarity in a weight room that comes from years training with Jensen doing advanced lifts. This has made the whole transition to college athletics even smoother. I still train with Jensen at The Academy of Sports Performance whenever I am back in town and it is consistently one of the places where I am pushed the hardest to get better.

Lastly, Jensen and I have developed a friendship over the years that extends beyond just a training program and he takes incredible care to make sure everything is going well with me at college and in my training there. He cares about his athletes outside of just their physical training and he has been a great person to ask advice from or run things by. All of this has made my training with Jensen in the past, and now at The Academy of Sports Performance, one of the best parts of my athletic career.
Katie Landgrebe
Forward – Northwestern University Women’s Soccer, Ohio Elite Soccer Academy
In the 20 plus years I have played soccer and the 7 years I played in the MLS there was only one strength coach that could match what Jensen brings to the table. The other strength coach is with Everton in the English Premier League. That says something that these two are in the same boat. Jensen used his specific skill set to bring me out of an injury, that would have forced me into retirement, and back into playing professional soccer again at the highest level in our country. He did this not only through hard work but also a great environment that cultivates a professional mentality with a fun and enjoyable aspect also. Thanks Jensen.
Jed Zayner
Coach/Retired MLS Player – Columbus Crew, DC United, San Jose Earthquakes
ASP not only helped me come back from an injury better than ever, but continues to push me in a way that makes my goals reachable and even surpassable. My dream of being a Big Ten athlete would not have been possible if it weren’t for Jensen and the team.
Jessica Leish
Outside Hitter – Indiana University Volleyball
Coming off of my second arthroscopic knee surgery, I felt unsure of the status of my athletic career in the future. Jensen trained me to jump and run with the right technique needed to help prevent any future injuries, while also building my strength and conditioning. I can now play volleyball at my peak level without any worry thanks to my sports performance training from Jensen!
Lexi Dannemiller
Setter – University of Michigan Volleyball
My freshman year of college, four years ago, I suffered a torn ACL, Meniscus, and MCL in a college basketball game. I hadn’t ever suffered any type serious injury previous to this, so I was unsure of the daunting rehab battle I had in front of me. I’ll never forget those first few weeks following my surgery…I was suffering both physically and mentally. The season continued and my teammates went on without me, and for the first time in my athletic life, I felt totally alone. Sure, my mom understood because she had been through the same thing when she was in college, but no one else knew the isolation and helplessness I felt. Then I heard about Jensen Brent through a friend, who also had trained with him. This was my light at the end of the tunnel.

After just a few weeks of working with Jensen, I knew what the word “hope” really meant. Sure, this was going to be hard, but I no longer felt alone in my battle. He was going to right there with me every step of the way. After finishing my physical therapy sessions had ended, I spent the next five months training with Jensen before returning to play. He made me stronger physically, but what I learned was that the most important part of rehabbing a knee is the mental part. I wondered if I would ever be the same player, but he instilled a level of confidence in me that I would be even stronger than before my injury. I returned to action my sophomore year and had a great season on a team that was ranked #1 in the entire country.

The following summer I trained with Jensen again and was able to become stronger than I had ever been, while also being educated on what constitutes a healthy diet and learning several injury prevention techniques. He doesn’t just tell you to do an exercise or a lift, he explains how and why this will benefit you, and he watches you closely to make sure that it is being practiced correctly. At the end of the summer, I was as confident as ever in my abilities as was Jensen, and that year was the best year I have ever had in basketball…up until the league championship game my junior year. About three minutes into the second half on a night that should have been filled with only celebration and sheer joy, I suffered another torn ACL and meniscus, this time to my other knee. After having the best season of my life, leading my team in scoring, and playing on a league championship team, this was a crushing blow to me both mentally and physically. But once again, there was Jensen to guide me back, and now, I’m in the final stages of playing my senior year of college basketball.

Having two surgically repaired knees but still playing college basketball is an everyday struggle with swelling and soreness, but Jensen is always there with constant support to talk to when things don’t feel right. He has become my trainer, my confidante, and my friend. I could have never done it without him.
Katie Kitchen
Guard – Thomas More College Women’s Basketball
As a junior in high school, I came to Jensen Brent with two goals: to run faster and jump higher, the permanent ambitions of every athlete. That spring I would be trying out for the USA Jr. National Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team, and I needed to get into top shape. At that time, I thought this lifting gig would just last a couple of months, until after my tryouts. Then I would be gone. Little did I know that what Jensen would teach me would change my way of life and keep me coming back. I’ve spent countless hours in the gym with Jensen. I’ve done too many five-rep back squats to count, too many dumbbell rows to think about. I’ve achieved one-max reps that I never would have imagined I could hit. I’ve analyzed my hang-clean form frame by frame with Jensen, discussing my energy leaks. I’ve learned about energy systems, about work-to-rest ratios, about neurons firing. Jensen Brent is better than any textbook when it comes to the science of forces acting on the human body.

I’m not an all-star lifter. I’ve missed hang-cleans, couldn’t get the bar off the floor while deadlifting, missed the box while jumping. But all those failures have made me that much better of a lifter, of an athlete. Jensen has taught me how to understand and correct failures, how to realize what went wrong in a lift. But he’s gone beyond that. As many hours as I’ve spent lifting under Jensen’s tutelage, I’ve probably almost spent as much time talking with him. About what? Absolutely anything. Every time I speak with Jensen, I learn something different. Sometimes it’s about myself, sometimes it’s about him, mostly it’s about life. (One of my most fond memories was a particularly stimulating argument about The Dude from the film, The Big Lebowski.)

Through my time with Jensen, I have become a better athlete. But in the grand scheme of things, that is not the best gift he has given me. Because of the experiences I have had training with Jensen, I have become a person who is more confident and open-minded, a girl who is not afraid to ask questions about anything—in short, I’ve become who I always wanted to be. Jensen is a phenomenal Sports and Conditioning Coach, and an even better person. The best of the best in both realms. Believe me, if you train with him, you can’t go wrong.
Bethany Kaylor
Ultimate Frisbee Athlete, US Junior National Team, Oregon Fugue
I am a Division III women’s soccer player and goalkeeper at Emory University and an alumni of The Summit Country Day School. I began strength training with Chuck 4 years ago, and it has done wonders for my strength and confidence. Not only that, but I have remained knee-injury free. I definitely see the impact of strength training on my playing ability. I am more explosive in my vertical and lateral movements and dives in goal, I can kick a lot farther, and I have better hands, to name a few. My training regiment with Chuck has not only made me a better player, but has kept me from sustaining any major injuries. Now, in college, I am able to compete at a high level and match up physically with older and stronger players.
Liz Arnold
Goalkeeper, Emory University Women’s Soccer
I had the opportunity of working with Jensen as both his intern and as an athlete in training. In one summer’s time under his lead, I learned more about biomechanics and how the body worked than I had in the classroom during two years of college. His knowledge about the most efficient ways to train and prepare the body for competition at the next level are unsurpassed. In one summer with him I saw him transform athletes from average competitors into athletes that had the strength and speed to compete at the next level.

Jensen also has a great knowledge of injury prevention. Many athletes with severe injuries have come to Jensen and regained their pre-injury strength after training with him. He also introduces exercises to people for injury prevention so they have less of a chance of a recurring injury. While working for him, I helped him implement an ACL prevention program for girls soccer teams’ workout plans in order to strengthen and prevent common knee injuries. This knowledge distinguishes him from other strength trainers and gives him and his athletes an advantage.

As an athlete myself, I started working for Jensen after having two ACL reconstructions. My soccer abilities had weakened as a result of not playing for two years and keeping up with my college teammates at Indiana University was difficult. Jensen was able to help me regain strength and speed in order to give me a chance at being a serious competitor again on my team. I went into preseason fit and strong after training with him and it made all the difference in getting into games. With Jensen’s help I will now be able to play soccer my fifth year (after redshirting) and finish my career out strong at Indiana University, a task I never would have been able to do without him.
Kristin Leist
Forward – Indiana University Women’s Soccer
Our daughter (Bethany) benefitted greatly from her time with Jensen. Her original goal was to get in shape for the US Ultimate Frisbee tryouts for the 2010 Worlds Games – she ended up being the first player from Ohio to ever make the US team. Her conditioning played a major factor in this, and Jensen was key in this. Bethany continued conditioning with Jensen in 2011 and during summer break in 2012. The results have been tremendous, from both a conditioning and confidence perspective. Bethany continued working out in college (University of Oregon) as a freshman with some remote guidance from Jensen, and was named to the USA Ultimate All-Conference Team in March of 2012. My wife and I are grateful to Jensen for the assistance he has given Bethany in making her a stronger and more confident young lady. We have recommended Jensen to several friends who have high achieving student athletes that want to take their game to the next level, and they are now satisfied clients. If your child wants to improve their conditioning in a positive and goal-focused environment, go with Jensen.
Michael Kaylor
parent of athlete
I’m sure we all remember an injury we’ve suffered at some point in our lives, whether it was just rolling an ankle or perhaps even breaking a bone. Even as we age, most of can vividly remember the physical pain. However, that physical pain pales in comparison to the emotional anguish we suffer as parents when one of our children goes down.

On February 25th, 2011, my daughter Katie, a sophomore basketball player at Thomas More College, was injured in the PAC League Championship game. I remember it like it was yesterday. On what looked like a routine move to the basket, at least from where we were sitting, we heard the whistle stopping the play, and the next thing we saw was Katie on the floor, writhing in pain, and holding her knee. For a few brief seconds, the sudden sound of silence in the gym was deafening. Then reality struck.

To see the look of pain, disappointment, and frustration on Katie’s face as my wife and I walked down onto the court was a feeling I’ll never forget. It was agonizing. As much physical pain as I’ve experienced with injuries over my years of playing, nothing hurt worse than what I felt that night.

All she had worked for was over. We knew almost immediately, even before the team doctor told us, what had happened. She had torn her ACL and what should have been the most fun for an athlete—the NCAA tournament starting that next week—was over for Katie. She would now be relegated to the role of cheerleader.

But that wasn’t the worst part. The surgery and six month recovery period she was now facing would place a tremendous strain on the entire family. I was numb…I didn’t go to school for two days.

Only days after the surgery, Katie began her long road to recovery. First, she started therapy, and then after that, she began back-to-sport training under the guidance of Jensen Brent. Our hope was that Jensen would make her stronger and that maybe that she could return to the same form was she was before the injury. However, he helped her in more ways than we could have ever dreamed.

First, his positive and friendly demeanor worked wonders with Katie and with us. The most important part of our initial meeting with him was the trust factor. He was working with our daughter, and my wife, who had already been through six knee operations of her own and currently worked in physical therapy, was a tough sell. But immediately Jensen earned our trust…and Katie’s. His tone was reassuring and confident, and in the weeks that followed, he instilled an attitude in our daughter that she would come back stronger than she was before the injury. Katie trusted and believed in him.

As time passed, she looked forward to her training sessions and we could see her getting stronger, not just physically, but more important, mentally. Jensen gave her everything she needed to get back on the court with confidence. She was always a pretty tough girl, but Jensen’s influence was life-changing. He gave her the belief that she could overcome any obstacle, not just her knee injury, and that she would return to the game faster, stronger, and more determined than ever before. And as parents, we feel that Katie now understands that she can overcome whatever adversity she encounters, on the court or off, because Jensen taught her that she can do it.

The debt we owe to Jensen Brent for what he did for our daughter is too great to be repaid with dollars. He gave her physical strength, but more importantly a belief that she would return even better than before the injury. She doesn’t wear a brace, she doesn’t hesitate with her movements on the court, and she plays every bit as hard as she did prior to February 15th of 2011.

From one parent to another…if your child is ever injured and requires any type of rehabilitation, talk to him. One brief conversation and you’ll understand why he’s so good at what he does.
Bob Kitchen
parent of athlete
In 2006 my Varsity Girl’s Soccer team had a rash of season ending knee injuries. It was decided that something must be done to fix the way we were training our athletes, especially in the pre-season. Jensen Brent took our program’s strength and conditioning program over during the summer of 2007. As a result we have seen an increase in our players strength, fitness, flexibility, and most importantly the player’s mentality. On top of that we have had a significant decrease in all non-contact ACL injuries every season since beginning training with Jensen and his staff. “

The most glaring differences are the results on the field.
2007 – D2 Ohio State Final 4
2008 – D2 Ohio State Final 4
2009 – D2 Regional Final
2010 – Undefeated D2 State Champions
2011 – D3 Regional Finals
2012 – D3 Regional Semifinals
2013 – D3 District Finals
2014 – D3 Regional Semifinals
Dan Brady
Head Coach, Madeira HS Girl’s Soccer
It was great for our team to work out with Jensen and his staff. The work we put in over the summer really carried over into our preseason and has really led to us having a great season. Our players not only gained strength, but they were able to learn a lot about themselves. Jensen relates well to the athletes and helps build confidence on the court as well as off. I look forward to our team working with Jensen in the future.
Jeff Hans
Head Coach, Thomas More College Women’s Basketball
My experience with Jensen Brent and the staff at ASP has been extremely beneficial. I trained under Jensen and learned an incredible amount from him in a very short time. He is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of ACL injury (prevention, return to sport, etc) and stays current with the most up-to-date peer reviewed research available. I find him to be a constant resource for me and my clients for information regarding ACL injury and general strength training. I know that all the programs at ASP are specifically tailored to the individual and use all available science to maximize results. I would consider Jensen to be the most knowledgeable trainer in the Cincinnati area and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for results.
Angie Warwick, CSCS
Performance Coach, www.fitintegrity.com